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Mantix4 Helps You Reduce Your Exposure

An attacker’s greatest weapon is a target’s blindness. Mantix4 helps you expose the cybersecurity risks in your organization before an attacker does. Whether your company has a false sense of cybersecurity from trusting in a partial solution or believes that only big businesses are likely targets, it is critical that you look for your vulnerabilities. Mantix4 and our MSSP partners give you continuous visibility into cyberthreats across your workstations, servers, and networks and help you reduce your exposure.

Mantix4 Is Affordable

Don’t believe the myth that cybersecurity protection must be expensive. Mantix4 offers a variety of high value solutions across every price range. No matter what your budget may be, let Mantix4 and its MSSP partners monitor your network and endpoint security so that you can spend more time on your business.


Mantix4 and our partners’ SOCs can work with your IT staff or can shoulder all monitoring services for 24x7x365 support.

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Mantix4 delivers better network context, always analyzing network traffic for suspicious patterns that attackers can’t unsend or hide.

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End Point

Mantix4 integrates end point alerts with its network and threat hunting telemetry to provide analysts with full-spectrum visibility.

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Threat Hunting

M4 Cyber Threat Hunting Platform enables enterprises to proactively and forensically identify, visualize and disrupt would-be attackers.

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Learn why Mantix4’s Managed Protection, Detection and Response (MPMDR) offers the key functions for generating proactive actionable Cyber Intelligence.

Forbes’ Technology Council reports that in 2023, Cyberattacks aren’t a question of “if” but “when”. Are you ready?  Read more here

Powering advanced cyber threat hunting

M4 Cyber Threat Hunting Platform uses an agentless technology that blends human insight and the best of Network Traffic Analysis and scanning technologies available to provide an unparalleled visibility and context around vulnerabilities.
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Syncing biological and digital intelligence

M4 Cyber Threat Hunting Platform continually gathers massive amounts of threat intelligence from internal and external sources, and flags irregularities in the IT environment. Steered by human intuition and analysis.

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Visualizing threats in actionable and meaningful ways

Unlike conventional security information and event management (SIEM) tools that require sifting through hundreds of text-driven security logs, the M4 Cyber Threat Hunting Platform displays all meaningful actionable intelligence from 40 different threat feeds
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