Proactive Cyber Intelligence: Move from Hunted to Hunter

Cybercrime damages are predicted to cost the world $10.5 trillion annually by 2025. Not only that, 39% of all current cyber threats are undetected by traditional security tools.

*Source: (Cybersecurity Ventures)

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We Deliver Intelligence-Driven Threat Management!

Today’s businesses are at a cross roads. We’re in the era of the Dark Web and sophisticated cyber attacks that can evade network defenses, adapt and even disguise their behavior as normal activity. Adversaries can also ‘play dead’ for months to run sustained, long-term operational efforts against targets. The choice is clear. It’s either proactively hunt and destroy cyber attacks or fall prey to them.

M4 Award Winning Cyber Threat Hunting Platform

At Mantix4, we turn the hunted into the hunter. Mantix4’s M4 Cyber Threat Hunting Platform accelerates the hunt and actively defends against cyber threats. The one-of- a-kind platform meshes critical human intuition and analysis with advanced machine learning to proactively and persistently analyze, hunt, disrupt and neutralize the most dangerous cyber threats.

Mantix4 offers the industry-leading platform that enables cyber threat hunting. Effective cyber threat hunting and network environment analysis.

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The M4 Cyber Threating Hunting Platform centers on a combination of human-driven process and machine-powered analytics.

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M4 Cyber Threat Hunting Platform enables enterprises to proactively and forensically identify, visualize and disrupt would-be attackers.

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M4 Cyber Threat Hunting Platform goes beyond active defense and employs offensive maneuvers and advanced counter measures.

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Learn why Gartner identifies cyber threat hunting as one of the key functions of an Intelligence-Driven Security Operations Centers (ISOCs).

Gartner estimates less than 10% of existing SOCs possess two or more intelligence-driven characteristics. Read more here

Powering advanced cyber threat hunting

M4 Cyber Threat Hunting Platform uses an agentless technology that blends human insight and the best of Network Traffic Analysis and scanning technologies available to provide an unparalleled visibility and context around vulnerabilities.
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Syncing biological and digital intelligence

M4 Cyber Threat Hunting Platform continually gathers massive amounts of threat intelligence from internal and external sources, and flags irregularities in the IT environment. Steered by human intuition and analysis.

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Visualizing threats in actionable and meaningful ways

Unlike conventional security information and event management (SIEM) tools that require sifting through hundreds of text-driven security logs, the M4 Cyber Threat Hunting Platform displays all meaningful actionable intelligence from 40 different threat feeds
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