About Us

Mantix4 is the New Dimension in Cyber Intelligence

Mantix4’s M4 Award Winning Cyber Threat Hunting Platform was originally developed in 2011 by a team of defense intelligence, cyber security, and military experts. The technology was purpose-built to reduce the complexity of their current infrastructure and give their security team real-time, actionable data to prevent and manage emerging cyber threats. Mantix4’s revolutionary technology bridges the large visibility gap left by traditional security technologies.  Instead of spending months deploying technologies that attempt to sift through false positives, Mantix4  installs in under an hour, empowering IT professionals to proactively cyber hunt and effectively bridge the visibility gap.

Within 24 hours, the platform is proactively collecting and displaying actionable information about inbound, outbound and lateral traffic. Mantix4 leverages advanced threat intelligence, big data analytics, and behavior anomalies, to give users context-based threat intelligence through a highly-visual platform. M4’s cyber hunting platform can even detect and neutralize sophisticated breaches, including advanced viruses that can ‘play dead,’ and lie dormant in a company’s systems for months.

The company’s platform is delivered over the cloud in a Tier III Gold Certified Data Center. Customers can purchase the platform directly, or it can be managed by Mantix4’s anti-cyber attack team. It can also be delivered as-a- service by managed service providers (MSPs)  and managed security service providers (MSSPs) with security operations centers throughout the United States, Canada and Europe.

Mantix4 is headquartered in Denver, CO. To see a demo of our next-generation Cyber Threat Hunting Platform, please contact us today!

Management Team

John Stubbs – CEO & Co-Founder

John Stubbs is a 30-year veteran of the cyber security industry. He has successfully led business strategy within multiple publicly traded and Fortune 500 organizations. Grounded with a keen aptitude in technology, he specializes in cyber security along with proven leadership in data center operations, cloud initiatives, virtualization, systems integration, and server based computing.

Prior to co-founding Mantix4, John served as the US President of Phirelight Security solutions where he led US sales, engineering and partnership teams, emphasizing value-creation. As the Worldwide Vice-President of Software Channels at Unisys, he introduced and expanded the Stealth cyber security solutions globally. For over 12 years, John was also the Vice-President of Business Development Strategies for Arrow Electronics / Alternative Technology Group (Fortune Ranked 119) where he developed GSA, compliance and security value-added solutions which generated over  $1.1B in revenue from federal & public sector firms. His early professional years were spent at Ciber, as the Vice-President and National Practice Leader, leading Ciber’s initiatives in Networking, IT Outsourcing and Security.

John holds Bachelor of Science degrees in Math and Chemistry from Wake Forest University and is a preferred speaker at a variety of industry events (NASCIO, HIMSS, security industry).

For additional information: linkedin.com/in/johnpstubbs

Chris Dodunski – CTO, CDO, Co-Founder

As the architect of the Mantix4 Cyber Intelligence Platform, Chris Dodunski brings over 2 decades of experience from the defense / aerospace industry, telecommunications sector, and the high assurance cyber security world.  Beginning his career in rocket weapons systems R&D, Chris later joined Newbridge Networks where he designed, deployed and supported network management solutions in the world’s largest telecom networks.

From there, Chris continued his career at Catena Networks (now Ciena) where he led the product management and engineering teams responsible for the CNX-5 (POTS + ADSL) OAM&P, Telcordia integration, as well as the CatenaView Element Management System development.  This solution was successfully deployed by all US RBOCs and is in use in over 15M households today.

After Ciena, Chris spent a brief period of time working at telecommunication and security consulting in the APAC region where he was responsible for the architecture and delivery of innovative telecommunication solutions for various state governments and agencies.

Chris continued his career in IT Security as Phirelight’s Chief Technology Officer where he analyzed customer security challenges, the competitive landscape, workflows and gaps with people and processes, specifically focused on breach mitigation.  He imagined and developed rapidPHIRE, focusing on simple enterprise implementation and a differentiated visual interface.  Chris’ breakthrough led him to patent the technology.

Chris co-founded Mantix4 where he continues to enhance and innovate this solution to transform reactive security practices into proactive cyber-hunters.

Chris earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Carleton University in Engineering (Aerospace & Mechanical).


Rick Bolin – Chief Product Officer

Rick Bolin brings more than 20 years of leadership, creative thinking and communication talent to the company. Rick combines his innate skills including an exceptional work ethic and astonishing curiosity. He has been involved in many early stage companies and ventures, including cyber security firm Vadium Technologies, FBBT a software firm in Northern Ireland, the Wireless National Practice at CIBER, New Century Colorado for Governor Owens and the biotechnology initiative at Center for the New West.

Rick is an inspiring leader who conveys a clear vision, employs a fiercely resolved analytic approach, and has especially strong interpersonal and communications skills. He has Board and C-Level executive experience, strategic and tactical planning and management, brand building and marketing experience, and international business know-how.

Rick graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Arizona with a degree in Philosophy. He was awarded the Riesen Prize as the outstanding graduating senior. He has published multiple times including in Nature Biotechnology and Public Affairs Quarterly.

Rick was born in Canada and is now an American citizen. He has been married 19 years and has 2 children. He enjoys triathlon, tennis, photography, and science and technology.

For additional information: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rickbolin

Michael Lipfield CPA – Chief Financial Officer

Michael Lipfield brings more than 25 years of financial, M&A, and administrative experience to the company. Michael has been involved in 6 early stage companies, three of which he co-founded, predominantly in the security and technology industry. Michael has been a C-Level executive the past 18 years most recently at ProtectWise, MS Biotec, and MX Logic. He was involved in selling three of these early stage companies, including MX Logic, which he helped to orchestrate and managed the due diligence process for its sale to McAfee in 2009.

Michael has experience leading company acquisitions, debt financing, people operations (HR), all finance functions and instrumental in preferred stock financing exceeding $150M during his career.

Michael is a certified public accountant with over 8 years Big 8 public accounting experience (currently Big 5). He received his M.S. degree in Accounting and Finance and his B.S. degree in Psychology and Sociology, both from the University of Colorado.

Michael has been married 18 years and has two children. He enjoys biking, skiing, reading and hiking.

For additional information: www.linkedin.com/in/michael-lipfield-1190282/